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SRP & APS Home Performance with Energy Star Program

Experiencing any of these issues?

Do you have...
  • High utility bills? It cost more to be uncomfortable and less to be comfortable with a few energy saving changes. 
  • Rooms that are too hot or too cold, or just plain uncomfortable to occupy at times? Could indicate leaks and/or improperly sized duct work, registers, etc.
  • When you clean, does the dust magically reappear on your furniture again? A definite sign of a leaky home.
  • Does anyone suffer from allergies or asthma? Poor indoor air quality has been tied to many allergy & asthma symptoms.
  • Our pets can develop allergies due to contaminated air leakage and poor ventilation.

A Home Performance Assessment would identify the causes of these issues
Both SRP and APS are offering a program to identify home improvements that can increase your indoor comfort and decrease you household energy cost. Instead of focusing on one component, such as single-paned windows, or an old cooling system, we will take a 'whole house' approach by doing a comprehensive assessment. This will detect barriers to energy efficiency throughout your home which includes: 
  • Insulation Effectiveness
  • Heating, ventilating, & air-conditioning performance
  • Air-duct leakage & restrictions
  • Construction integrity issues
With a Home Performance with Energy Star checkup you can make the most of the energy you use while improving both the comfort and efficiency of your home.
The discounted price for the assessment is $99.00 - this might sound like a lot, but the value to you is a $300.00 savings, and that's not all - We are going above the normal program by offering, with the first 25 assessments performed, a Complete Air Diagnostic at no extra cost to you! (a $395.00 Value) 

Here's How It Works...

Click the appropriate link below to see if you qualify.  If you would like, contact the office and we would gladly go through it with you step by step. 
SRP Customers
click on "Get Your Online Audit"
APS Customers
click on "Start Now"
Take a few moments to answer a few questions about your home. How many floors, occupants, square footage, year built, etc. Again, if you have any questions or need help, contact us.

Next, we'll get you scheduled for you 'home assessment.' Following the inspection, we will meet with you within a few days to deliver and discuss any energy-saving opportunities. Then YOU decide which improvements to make.

If you decide to go ahead with the upgrades, we will perform the work and connect you to available rebates and financing offers that can help you pay for improvements. Some measures may even qualify for federal tax credits. 

Home Energy-Efficiency Financing

Do you want to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient but don't have the cash for energy upgrades and home improvement? Not a problem. 

National Bank of Arizona is offering qualifying SRP / APS customers,on approval, low, fixed-rate financing for energy-saving home improvement projects. To learn more about home energy-efficiency financing, visit           
Certifications and Training
  • BPI Gold Star Contractor
  • BPI (Building Performance Inst.) Certified Professional
  • SRP Home Energy Audit Contractor
  • APS Home Performance with Energy Star Contractor
  • Certified Professional Energy Manager
  • EPA Universal 608 Requirement & Asset Management
  • Master Technician
  • AA Degree in Mechanical Maintenance Engineer
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection & Remediation Efficiency & Combustion Testing
  • National Comfort Institute (Residential & Commercial) Air Balancing
  • EPS Certificates in Good Standing Air Conditioning Contractors of America
The recommended upgrades could save you up to 30% on your energy bill!
Hello!  Denzil here, 

I just completed a Home Performance with Energy Star checkup on my home and wanted to share my findings with you so far. 
I thought my home was tightly sealed, but to my surprise I found that there were opportunities to reduce my electrical cost by 23% from the information I received performing the test.

My current monthly electric bill averages about $129.00 during the summer months, which is not bad. By making a few improvements, I can and will reduce my electrical cost even more! 

So far I sealed my duct work in a few areas and changed all my light bulbs to energy star rated CFL & LED bulbs. I still have a couple of other improvements I want to make. 

Check back later - I will let you know my progress! 
You've already completed the first step - finding a qualified contractor...That's us!
We provide the support and assistance you need to keep your home or business running at peak performance, while saving energy and you money.

If you have any question concerning your energy usage or needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our friendly staff will help you find the best solutions for you.
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