Spring Special

A "Tune-Up' Of Your Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Could Save You Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars. 
...And The Tune-Up Is Guaranteed, Or It's FREE!!

Dear Friend,
Many of the major utility companies across the nation now recommend homeowners regularly have a "Tune-Up" on their system in order to reduce electric bills and avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Is a "Tune-Up" worth it? We Guarantee It!!

Industry experts know that a simple "Tune-Up" could save consumers hundreds of their hard earned dollars. And because I know this is a necessary service that all homeowners should invest in, I will provide you with a "Advance Tune-Up and Professional condenser coil Cleaning for only $185.00 (this alone saves you at least $105.00 off the regular cost for a service call).

We also know that regular oil changes in our cars add thousands of miles to engine life. Proper maintenance provides a return on investment.
Predictive maintenance is the key phrase. Up to 80% of all air conditioning and heat pump failures. Could be eliminated if the problems that led to the break down were corrected in a timely manner –We utilize I-MAINFOLD advance computerize software to minimize the possibly of a compressor replacement.

I guarantee your cooling system won't break down this summer or the Advance Tune-Up will be free. That’s right! Every penny of your Tune-Up investment will be applied to the repair of your cooling system. You can't lose.

My name is “Denzil Dogka”, and as the owner of “Energy Performance’’
I've dedicated my life to the air conditioning industry. I KNOW how important it is to take care of your cooling equipment. I KNOW it reduces breakdowns. I KNOW it lowers your energy bills. I KNOW it extends equipment life. I KNOW it should be done regularly. I also know I must earn your trust. That's why I'm willing to offer my personal guarantee on our quality Advance Tune-Up.

Contact us for details and to schedule your Advance Tune up Scheduling requires this offer to expire on “4/30/16”


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