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It's time to bring the cooling and heating diagnostics out of the "Dark Ages"

A quarter of the energy consumed in Arizona homes and commercial buildings is for air conditioning, which is more than four times the national average. 

By combining the long known basic science of heating & cooling equations with the power and speed of Engineering software performing real time diagnostic testing - Energy Performance master technicians can quickly estimate your heating or air conditioning systems' performance.
Other's Guess ... We test!

(Other's Guess) by submitting a pencil and paper report on the condition of your unit, they also guess you need refrigerant this summer to keep your office space cool. the number 1 (Guess) product sold to the consumer is refrigerant. One of the major causes of compressor failure is a unbalance refrigerant charge. 
(We Test) your A/C actual performance. by using Advance computer software, we can verify if the system refrigerant is under or over charge. (Testing) your A/C performance before and after repairs are completed provides the consumer a verifiable report on the corrective action taken to minimize a compressor replacement and improve the A/C system performance and indoor comfort. Call today to schedule your advanced computerized tune-up.

We use iManifold software technology to properly diagnose your systems performance.  Click here for a sample report.
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